I tried these things while being alone and it changed my life

Recently I met a friend who told me how bored she was with her life, since every other person seemed busy. All at a same time.

And the switch went on in my brain. I saw myself in her, the Sneha back then who used to wait for someone to come and rescue her. Rescue her from boredom, from loneliness, to rescue her from herself.

Most often I’ve seen people wanting someone else to keep them company. And in these cases, they are trying to run away from themselves. I’m not saying its a bad thing to want someone to talk to, to share things with. But why not just sit with yourself, doing things you love, together. Instead of waiting for someone, who may or maybe be with you for their own selfish reasons?

I found out that by hanging out with myself I didn’t feel the need anymore to be in the company of others. I guess this is whom they call Introverts.

Of course we all crave human interaction. But sometimes it’s necessary to unwind and be there with yourself, content in that moment.

After some point in life, I realized people have their own priorities in life. And that people come and go but the bond you have with yourself, stays.

So I’ve made a list of things I tried and am successful at keeping up with when boredom strikes and I need a friend to call upon.

1) Be your own friend

Sit down with yourself. Talk about stuff, try to figure it out the solution to your problem. Now I think I do have a sense of humor so whenever I get bored, I entertain myself coming up with different scenarios for people walking by on the street. I do these things as i would do with a friend. There have been moments when I couldn’t control myself and had to swipe random screen on my phone so that people won’t think I’m crazy. Usually people don’t think you are crazy if you are on the phone but without one, meh!

2) Explore a place your friends don’t wanna go to

Now your friends may not always have similar tastes in things as you do. That would be boring too. But if you have any place in mind which you’ve been wanting to explore and your friends are not up for the trip, travel alone. You have every right to do things for yourself even if they might seem weird to some people. After all you are unique. So pack those damn bags and get going. I never told anyone but I’ve been to this amazing place on my wish list which I did visit recently because I had a fallout with my best friend. If it didn’t happen, I think that place would have just remained a handwritten word in my notebook. But I dared go alone.

3) Go grocery shopping

Oh yes, grocery shopping counts. There are many ways you can make it interesting. Imagine grabbing what you want without those friends telling you how fat those bag of chips are gonna make you or how you should go on a diet as they throw looks of disapproval at your basket. Now imaging browsing those aisles and pulling out things without that visit turning into a guilt trip. And you being at the check out counter and slipping those Mars bars into your shopping list.

4) Adventure

I’ve had many adventures, not just while travelling. But also in day to day life. There are interesting and fun things you can sign up for. I’ve tried things even though I’ve realized I’ve been bad at 9 out of 10 but who cares? It’s just you with yourself. So unless you are one of those who takes it easy and looks at things with a cooler perception instead of always getting worked up about things not going your way, I’d say go for it! Try even those things which you know your friends are gonna laugh at. Sometimes we hide things from people because we wanna fit in. But guess what? You need not post them on Facebook. Just get on with ticking things off your list. I have things as simple as trying a new kind of pasta or visiting an aquarium or attending a pottery workshop. Who cares even if you mess it up? You are not losing anything. Bring out the child within you. Let it play. Provide it with an open field to chase fireflies. Try, try and keep on trying till you finally find what you’ve been looking for.

5) Get lost

Literally! I mean it. Get lost in some place you’ve never been to. You’ve been losing yourself in a person but did it do you any good? I’ve been lost in both. And I would say the later sucked. But when I do find myself completely clueless about where I was, I find it pretty amusing. I’m directionally challenged. So even if someone asks me to turn on a Google Map and find a location, I would be able to confuse them further. But I’ve seen beautiful views on these occasions when I’ve been lost. Of course I would get worried after a certain point but I’ve found people willing to help.

6) Add little changes to your life

Start with exercise. Take out that treadmill. Hit the gym. A yoga class. This will get you the makeover you need, get you out of the rut of your 9-4 job and help you stay fresh throughout the day. Within one year, your life itself will have undergone such a makeover that people will start noticing and you will feel good about yourself too. Start with little things and try more advanced stuff which you thought you couldn’t and impress yourself.

7) Be compassionate

Most of the time, what comes to our mind when we think Compassion is being kind to someone. What we hardly realize is, it’s applicable to ourselves too. How often do we try and understand ourselves or accept ourselves. Our understanding about this word is so narrow that we fail to love the one person we are supposed to. And we berate ourselves, constantly step on our dreams because we lack compassion towards our own selves.

Do you have things to add to this list, then go ahead and comment down below.

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